What Factors Affect The Cost Of Human Hair Wigs?

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Human hair wigs are generally expensive than synthetic wigs. However, some human hair wigs are more costly than others. The cheap human hair wigs are still of good quality, but some qualities make them differ from the rest. They are all handmade, and the process takes up so much time and energy. So, we highlight factors that determine the cost of human hair wigs.

Factors that determine the price of human hair wigs

Most articles explain why human hair wig prices differ from those of synthetic. But, we look at why the human hair wigs pricing varies below.

1. Type of hair used

We refer to these wigs as human hair but, different kinds of hair are used to construct them.  Hair sourcing occurs in various regions that why we have wigs like Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, and others based on their origin. Despite the origin, the hair is categorized into two; floor and donator hair. Floor hair is cheaper than donator hair because it lacks cuticles. After sourcing, detangling takes place, which consumes so much time. It is then put in an acid solution to give it a silk feel and keep it tangle-free.

Donator hair comes with cuticles since it’s directly harvested from the owner. The hair is expensive as it takes time to grow and collect; hence mass production is impossible. Both hair types are human hair and appear similar after floor hair processing. Unfortunately, floor hair mattes after some time and doesn’t last as long as the donator hair.

2. Amount of hair used

Also, known as hair ratio, refers to the wig’s hair length. The length directly affects the price of the wig whereby, longer human hair wigs are more costly than shorter ones. The longer the hair, the more hair used, meaning you’ll spend more money on it.

3. Pure or blended hair

Human hair wigs are either Virgin or blended. Virgin hair is pure, has no additions, and hasn’t undergone chemical procedures. After getting hair from a donor, it is washed, dried, and constructed ready for use. They are more costly than the mixed type. Mixed means the human hair is blended with animal hair or synthetic materials. They still appear good, but the animal hair may be a source of allergic reactions and with time hair quality changes. Blended human hair is an excellent option for affordable human hair wigs.

4. Weight of the hair

The hair weight can also be defined as density. Pure Virgin hair weighs more than mixed wigs, and the heavier the hair, the higher the price. It’s good to note that some wig manufacturing companies add fillers or chemicals to their wigs. This definitely increases the weight and cost. Such wigs become lighter when washed, so be keen on the density but don’t rely on it.

To sum up

Human hair wigs have different characteristics which influence the price of each. Despite being human hair, some aren’t as good and change their look after some time. Go for pure virgin human hair as they have more benefits to offer and can last for years. Cheaper wigs are expensive in the long run since you have to buy a new one after a short period.