Steps to Wearing Your Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Wigs human hair has been a popular trend for both experienced and beginner wig users. They are a protective style during days when you don’t want to expose your natural hair. One of the common human hair wig types is the lace front wig. The wig covers the entire head, but the lace is located at the front part only. They come at varying lengths, colors, textures, volumes, and prices. This article explains ways of wearing lace front wigs.

How to wear your lace front wig

To keep your wig right, several things must be done. How you wear the wig determines your overall look and confidence level. I’m sure nobody wants to stay with faulty hair. Do the following to keep your wig looking right.

1. Familiarise with your wig

Familiarizing means being aware of every detail concerning the wig. Know the texture/material. Is the texture right for you? Does it fit your head comfortably? If you buy the wig from a local store, checking all these things is easy. You can even feel the texture and get what matches your natural hair.

However, when you shop from an online website, check the description keenly to avoid missing any critical factors. Before wearing, ensure the stitches are correct, no loose ends, and the wig is dust-free.  If dusty, clean it, dry it, and moisturize, then wear it. One more thing you shouldn’t forget is to check the allergic properties of the hair used on the wig. This will protect you from many health conditions that may arise.

2. Secure your natural hair first

When you decide to wear a wig, it’s evident that you’ll cover your natural hair. You must work on the hair to make the wig lie flat and fit as desired. Keeping the lace front wig flat means the lace is hardly noticeable and may pass as your actual hair.  Prep your hair by sleeking it all the way back or having it cornrowed.

If you choose the cornrows, ensure they are from front to back and are perfectly sized to keep the wig balanced. Afterward, wear a wig cap to keep your hair in place, then put on the wig. Remember to clean your hair often, even if it’s under the wig. Also, don’t wear the wig for too long. Having it on for a week or two is ideal, then uninstall it to wash and moisturize it.

3. Use the right glue

You need good quality glue to install any lace front wig that requires needs it. There are many types of wig glues available to fit different purposes. Some are water-resistant, while others are not. Ensure what you buy is genuine as the market is filled with many fake products.


Wearing lace front wigs is tricky compared to those wigs with no lace. You just put them on and walk out. However, for front lace wigs, putting them on correctly isn’t an option. You have to keep the lace flat for a flawless natural look. Have it glued in place for extra security and neatness.