Pointers On Choosing The Right Wig For Your Face Shape

Pointers On Choosing The Right Wig For Your Face Shape

Choosing a wig often means thinking of how you will look in it. The one thing you will notice with wigs is, short bob wigs or long wavy wigs do not look good on everyone. Your face shape will determine how the wig lays on you. If you are stuck on what wig you should pick to suit your face shape, here are a couple of ideas for you.

Figure out your face shape

Before you start picking the wig, you first need to find out your face shape. Stand in front of your mirror and measure your face from the forehead to your chin. That will give you the length of your face.  Take three fave measurements, one across the forehead, another from ear to ear, and the other across your mouth. All these measurements will help you determine what your face shape is.  Once you figure out your shape, you can then go ahead to figure out which wig will match with it.

1.      Oval shape

Oval shapes are narrow and long are the common face shapes and go well with any wig style. If you have this shape, the length of your face is longer than your width. The only thing you need to look out for with this face shape is wearing bangs because they make a face look shorter.

2.      Round face shape

Round faces often look plump and full. The length and the width are equal, and it seems more proportional. You can style up your face with shorter pixie cut wigs if you have this face shape. Even though it pulls off the short styles well, be careful not to get the wigs too short or get too many layers covering your face.

3.      Square face shape

The square shape is like a round face, but it has a more pronounced jawline. Adding definition to the side of the face might make the jawline look more pronounced, but that should not stop you from defining other areas. You can wear longer wigs or shorter ones; just don't go too short on the wigs.

4.      Diamond shape

Diamond shapes are very symmetrical, with the width at the nose almost being equal to the length. They go well with all wig lengths, save for the bob wigs. Getting a long wavy wig will help soften the diamond features and make you look more feminine.

5.      Pear shape

With the pear shape, you have a thinner forehead and a wider jawline. Shorter bobs with definition suit this shape very well. You can also add bangs to the wig to make the top look just as full as the jawline. Avoid flat hairstyles as they make the hairstyle look even flatter.

Last thoughts

The wig you wear will either make or break your image, and you must look for a wig that accentuates your entire look. If you are looking for a wig in the market, start by figuring out your face's shape, then figure out the wig that will look good on you.