How to Pick The Appropriate Necklace Length For Yourself

With the number of necklaces that go for sale every year across the globe, you will understand why the jewelry industry is always booming. Every day, more and more people who end up loving necklaces emerge, giving rise to the demand in the market. As a result, there are numerous types, designs, and lengths of necklaces you will find in all stores. Some of these necklaces may not be of the highest quality, while some will have excellent quality. Because of the increased popularity of necklaces, many people are pushed to buy a necklace. This leads to a lot of ignorant consumers who do not know the difference between a real and fake necklace.

If you are lucky enough to visit a reputable store for your necklace, another big decision to make is the length of the necklace. Necklaces never have the same length, and this feature is very important to your necklace journey. When you wear the right necklace with the appropriate outfit, the necklace adds to the beauty of the outfit. But in a case when the necklace length is too small or long, it can ruin the outfit. Most times, the place your necklace stops is usually the most noticed part, especially when it is a beautiful necklace that has a pendant. There is no best length for necklaces, but a long-range is best for you. To get that length, there are a couple of factors to consider and steps to follow. This guide describes the steps of getting the perfect necklace length for yourself. Simply follow these steps;

Get your neck size

We all have necks as humans, but all necks are not the same. The most important thing when choosing a necklace is to get the appropriate one for your size. First off, the width of your neck is very important. The necklace is going to go around your neck. If it goes round and it remains a long length, then the necklace is going to look very long. If you want a short necklace, then it should remain a little after you have hooked it on your neck.

Understand how long your neck is

Your neck length is also important to the type of necklace you choose. If your neck is long, then chokers will not only look amazing, but almost better than the longer necklaces. The idea is to emphasize your neck. For people with shorter necks, wearing a longer necklace is best to take the attention off their necks.

Check your height

Like it or not, your height has a direct effect on the look of your necklace. Whether you are short or tall, wearing a necklace that is too long can look very wrong. If you are less than six feet tall, your necklace should be around 18 inches in length. If you are taller, you can wear a necklace longer than twenty inches.


To choose the right necklace length, you have to determine what you want to make obvious.

You can use a long chain for your collarbones while the short-chain works for the neck.