How to Become Like Kirumi Tojo

How to Become Like Kirumi Tojo

In the danganronpa v3 third season, a character that has a lot of characters worthy of emulation is kirumi tojo. She was only a student attending the ultimate academy in the series, but her story is more than inspiring. She was one of the gifted juveniles, and she was an active partaker in the killing semester in the series. Kirumi Tojo was not exactly a hero in the series, but one could learn a thing or two from her character.

Kirumi Tojo has got a lot of height on her side, and she is a bit slim. She wears blond hair with protruding bangs in the front of her hair. These bangs mostly block her left eye from seeing correctly, but in an emotional state, she can see through the bangs. Her hair may look a bit pale, but maybe she got the pale look from her skin, which is also pale. At some point in the series, kirumi had to take a job as a maid, where she used uniforms. The maid's uniform was a black apron she wore over a white shirt underneath. That white shirt usually has a black collar and a purple tie to make it fit. Kirumi usually wears a black hairdresser and puts four different pins on the hair. Before this became her outfit, kirumi Tojo used to wear a blue uniform and a red tie.

Kirumi may not have been a hero or even any popular figure on the danganronpa series, but she has a lot of admirable characteristics. Some of the things you can learn from her include;

She never settles

If you closely study the personality of kirumi in the series, you will realize she hardly ever settles for less. As much as she can, she will go to any length to get what she wants. This passion was clearly shown when she chose the path of taking a maid job as a part-time engagement. Of course, for anyone, being a maid is not the most exciting job offer out there. But because Kirumi had no option but to take the job of a maid, she did not hesitate. This is a character we can all learn from this character. She is flexible enough to realign to whatever situation she has, and she is tenacious.

She was excellent

In whatever career path you choose today, excellence is something we should all chase. For kirumi, she showed her excellence multiple times in this role as a maid, and it got a global reputation. In school, she was conferred the honor of becoming the ultimate maid. She had the aura of perfection around her, and even though the maid job was a part-time one, she hardly made a mistake.

She is smart

Kirumi's mind is a world of talents and smartness. She is perfect when it comes to any job she is given. And this trait continued to earn her different clients from across the globe.


Watching anime and manga can be a hobby or anything, but if you watch these characters closely, there's a lot you can learn as we have explained above.