Apple’s Automotive CarPlay Success with Mercedes Benz Manufacturers

Apple’s Automotive CarPlay Success with Mercedes Benz Manufacturers

Mercedes-Benz automotive industry is one of the oldest brands, with its first-ever automobile dating back to the early 1900s. Upper-class customers whose priority is a car's luxurious model and style found a home in Mercedes Benz vehicles, even as the manufacturers hook more lovers of innovation, style, quality, and speed.

It is for this reason that Apple’s CarPlay found a partner in Mercedes Benz. Read ahead for more.

CarPlay for Mercedes Benz Infotainment System

Apple has had outstanding achievements with communication and gaming electronics. However, the company’s join in the automotive industry seems to have more high ranking prospects awaiting them. The company first worked on different automobile dashboards before its current progress aiming for a fully self-driving car.

Using Apple Carplay for Mercedes-Benz, Apple made sure all Mercedes Benz drivers using iPhones have a taste of the things they’d do on their phones right on their car’s display. These include making calls, sending and reading texts, and listening to music while staying focused on the road.

After its progressive announcement in 2013, CarPlay was rebranded and launched in 2014, with Mercedes Benz being one of the first car manufacturers to have the feature. However, the first Mercedes Benz vehicles with CarPlay were first sold in 2016/2017, leaving the after-market models with no option to enjoy this feature.

Mercedes Benz Quality Prioritization with CarPlay

Being a stylish and innovative brand, 2018 saw Mercedes Benz manufacturers replacing the Cockpit Management and Data System(COMAND) user interface with the Mercedes Benz User Experience. (MBUX)

The MBUX upgrades the infotainment system housing Apple’s CarPlay in Mercedes Benz vehicles from 2018’s new A-Class models. This even makes CarPlay work much safer and better with the car's controls- buttons, knobs, touchscreen, or the touchpad.  The feature also boards the vehicles with a Hifi navigation system that unleashes the simplicity and power of Apple Maps.

So anyone driving any latest German manufactured models has access to a detailed map with 3D turn‑by‑turn spoken directions and other immersive experiences. It uses  Mercedes Benz original display making it easy for drivers to get anywhere they need to go.

With the manufacturers prioritizing their model’s quality and success, the partnership with CarPlay brings more iPhone apps to the dashboard. So considering CarPlay’s support for third-party navigation apps, the drivers are even going to have several choices for getting wherever they want effortlessly.

CarPlay’s Future with Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz's manufacturing industry reports that Sussex drivers from the US have the highest demand for the brand's vehicle with CarPlay featured onboard. This seemingly creates an inviting future for the two brands –Apple and Mercedes Benz.

Although Apple announced about CarPlay being a non-profiting future to give their users classy rides, it will definitely hook more drivers to their high-end electronics. It is also worth noting that the partnership has seen CarPlay upgrading to a smart wireless module that uses the Mercedes Benz original display.

The upgrade does not tamper with any infotainment system in the car; instead, it brings on more features, including IOS AirPlay mirror link, support for after-market rear view, 360 camera input, & OEM backup, among other factors. This also gives drivers a hassle-free connection of their phones to the infotainment system in their new Mercedes Benz models.

So it would be best for drivers enjoying the brand's luxurious vehicles to partner with the longest-serving authorized dealers of Apple CarPlay for Mercedes Benz to learn more of the latest futures in the technology.